Why the "Roberto Szidon" Competition in Greece?

- Roberto Szidon had always a very strong an somehow strange connection with Greece. Who knows that he gave the world-premiere of Yiannis Papaioannou's Double Concerto for Violin, Piano and Orchestra together with his long time musical partner Jenny Abel, the world-famous German violinist? See the photo below: 



Why the "Roberto Szidon" Competition in Volos?

- Roberto Szidon performed twice in Volos at "Exoraistiki" Hall for the historic Association "Friends of Arts of Volos" under the presidency of the memorable Ersi Saratsi, and invited by his beloved student from Volos Dino Mastroyiannis. The Competition will be accomplished now at the "Ersi Saratsi" Concert Hall of the Municipal Conservatory of Volos, i.e. the concert hall that took its name from the historic figure of Ersi Saratsi. There is a strange coincidence: both the recitals of Roberto Szidon in Volos have been accomplished on the same date, i.e. on March 16 - the 1st in 1993 and the 2nd in 1995. See the programs and photos below:


programma tou roberto-1.jpg
programma tou roberto-2.jpg


Why should someone visit Volos, especially during the summer?

- Because it is one of the most beautiful cities of Greece, surrounded by sea and mountains. All over the year, but especially during the summer it is a must-visit destination. 







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