Application Procedure

1.    Application form


 Download the Apprilcation in English langauge: 



2.    A photocopy of Passport (for participants outside the European Union) / or Identity card (for Greek and European Union citizens) / or a Birth Certificate (for Greek citizens).
3.    2 professional colour photographs (4cm X 3cm) should be included or sent by email (they should be scanned and sent in jpeg format as attachments, if the application is being sent by email).
4.    A non-refundable participation fee, which should be paid in cash (in Euros) at the Secretariat of the Competition upon arrival in Volos-Greece.
5.    All applications will not be processed without a complete Application Form, the non-refundable participation fee (upon their arrival) and related documents.
6.    Application Forms, which are not clearly or correctly written, will not be accepted.
7.    The name of candidate in the Application Form must follow the same as given in the International Passport, Birth Certificate or Identity Card.

8.    The competitors, who cannot find the sheet music of the Brazilian and Greek composers’ works (and in some cases recordings of them), should contact the Secretariat of the Competition by email


9. The Municipality of Volos has the possibility to offer free accommodation (a room at the Municipal Hostel of Volos without breakfast) for the first competitors who will apply for the Roberto Szidon Competition. The rooms can be limited, because during the summer season Volos is a great touristic destination, so please send your registration as soon as possible!  


- The Secretariat of the Competition can also suggest to the contestants hotels and restaurants with affordable prices.

- The Volos Conservatory can provide to the contestants Pianos for practicing, in collaboration with the Secretariat of the Competition. It is recommended to the contestants to fix the hour(s) of their practicing 1 day before.


Competition Procedure

1.  This competition is open to pianists of all nationalities.
2.  All pieces must be performed from memory.
3.  A change to any of the chosen repertoire state in the application form is NOT allowed
4. A performance may be stopped prior or during the Competition upon the Jury’s decision
5. All repetitions should be omitted unless stated otherwise in the repertoire list.
6. The Jury’s decision is final and no appeal shall be entertained.
7. Competitor should not have any communication with members of the Jury. If such an attempt is made, competitor(s) will be disqualified from the Competition.
8. Any contact between the contestants and members of the jury is not allowed during the competition.
9. The Jury has the option to refrain from awarding all prizes and to divide the prizes between competitors in the event of a tie. In the case of a first place tie, the prize shall be divided equally between the tied competitors.
10. All decisions concerning the Competition remain the responsibility of the Organizing Committee of the  “Roberto Szidon” International Piano Competition. The Committee reserves the rights to make all final decisions in the event of any misunderstanding.
11. The International Piano Competition “Roberto Szidon” has sole rights over all competition performances, recordings, or films. No fees will be paid to any competitor on account of their performance or any recordings or broadcasts made.
12. The Competition will be held in Volos, Greece, from July 6-10, 2020.
13.  A schedule for the Competition will be announced at a later date.
14.  All performances are open to the public.

Non-refundable Participation Fee (to be paid in cash at the Secretariat of the Competition upon arrival in Volos-Greece)

50 €

Category A
60 € 
Category B
75 €

Category C
85 €

Category D
100 €